屏東・迷戀東港-三小時東港美食輕旅行:東港/小琉球/大鵬灣電子旅遊套票 Donggang/ Little Liuqiu/ Dapeng Bay E-Travel Tour Package


It takes good insight of a tour guy to find authentic Donggang gourmet. Follow the tour guide to get information of local delicious food and explore the local customs in depth. The Three Hours Donggang Delicious Local Food Tour is absolutely the ultimate reproduction of Donggang culture. It presents the customs of the fishing village and the spirit of the temple with Chinese herb tea, rice cake with minced pork, Oden rolls, sashimi, and shaved ice with sakura shrimp. You can smell the food just by looking at the pictures, and the images will make your mouth water and dazzle your eye. It’s even better than food program.


We were so amazed to see the archway covered with gold foils as soon as we arrived at Donglong Temple. It’s the color we have never seen in a temple before. What makes the believers and tourists exciting is the Donggang King Boat Ceremony in which the whole Donggang is covered with gorgeous ceremony. A great amount of people crowded into Donglong Temple to see the King Boat that took three years to make being burned in fierce fire. It’s such a display of splendor that makes our eyes wild open.



・Donglong Tang Chinese Herb Tea

Using various local herbs which can be found easily and boil it until the clear water turns into beautiful color. A bottle of Chinese herb tea will wipe away your sweats from the trip. Gui Ling Gao and snow lotus with white fungus soup is also a good choice for getting rid of the summer heat.



・Donggang Yanpu Qiaotou Rice Cake With Minced Pork.

The rice cake with minced pork in this old shop under Donggang Bridge is rich and a bit sweet, and its good smell and silky taste is the number 1 breakfast choice for local people.


I really like the way that rice cake with minced pork is made. With firmly sausage, crisp mud shrimp, fresh parsley, luxury three layers pork and other auxiliary ingredients making the cake so rich and sweet. And the soup that cooked from indica rice and milkfish is thick and sweet, the essence part of the dish.



・Donggang Authentic Taiwanese Meatballs

Walk into the 2nd public retail market in Donggang to find this old shop, where they make two different types of Taiwanese meatballs. One is deep fried mushroom meatball, and the other is steamed shrimp meatball. It’s served with pouring of salty yet sweet soy and some smash garlic. The wrappers of the meatballs are so clear that you can even see the color of the stuffing inside.



・Port sausage and tuna sausage.

With Bluefin tuna stuffed into the firmly casing and some sauce on the sausages, turning the normal snacks into a gourmet with the luxury stuffing.


Dapeng Bay E-Travel Tour Package is the trend of future tourism because it is very convenient and close to local customs and people. Plan your trip within your own budget and shorten the time of preparation, receive complicated information of boat tickets, electric scooters, accommodation, water activities, and hidden delicious local food. Sign up at the website of Dapeng Bay E-Travel Tour Package to purchase any tour packages you like at any day now, and simply scan your QR code to get the service after finishing purchase. Leave everything to the tour packages to experience a stress free trip, and check Dapeng Bay off your travel list.


Local customs of a city usually hidden in the local markets. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss these food gathering places while traveling. Visit as many markets and fishing ports in all sizes as you can. For example, Huaqiao Market in Donggang covers an area of over 1,000 square feet. It’s not just an historical evening market, now it also presents the largest seafood retail culture in Pingtung with its over 400 food stands.



・Rui Zi Hao’s marlin fish oden rolls

Another old shop that has been passed on for decades is hidden in Huaqiao Market. With a quarter of a boiled egg in their own special fish paste, pan fry to shape the rolls, and deep fry until them become golden and crispy. Marlin fish oden rolls taste so much better with just a little bite of egg.



・Wang Jiang Sashimi

The Japanese style decoration in Wang Jiang Sashimi attracts a lot people’s attention at the Huaqiao Market. Those summer fans, Japanese bottles, bright carp streamers, and other hidden features make it all very Japanese style.


The wild Bluefin Tuna Cultural Festival in Donggang happens at every May. Every ingredient in Wang Jiang’s refrigerator shows fresh color. From the upper abdomen, middle part of abdomen of Bluefin tuna to sea urchins. Those in season sashimi are like medium rare beef, so rich and tender. It’s so good to have Wang Jiang Sashimi.


Oyster shell was used as container for sashimi, and the daily capture sweet shrimp which was cooled with seawater was my first target. The pleasure of eating the raw shrimp was very unforgettable. The middle abdomen of a Bluefin tuna had 50% of fat evenly distribute on the meat, and the rich meat melt into my mouth right away.



Wei-I Foodstuff Company- Ground Fried Marlin Floss (information station).

·Wei-I Foodstuff Company was rated as the No.1 information station in Taiwan for its warmth and popularity. The warmhearted staffs always provide useful local tours and travel information for foreigners and visitors.


In the meantime, Wei-I Foodstuff Company is also known as the best place for souvenirs of its different types of ground fried marlin floss, sakura shrimp, and shrimp floss.



・Shaved ice with sakura shrimp

Shrimp flavor shaved ice doesn’t taste as weird as it sounds, actually very good. In addition to sakura shrimp, grass jelly, aiyu jelly and brown sugar syrup also make the hidden dish of Donggang Delicious Local Food Tour. It’s not easy to get the shaved ice since it’s not for sale. A Three Hours Delicious Local Food Tour in Donggang will give you a chance to try it.


Scan QR code and travel through Donggang with your cellphone. You’ll find the food trip very addictive, make you become half of the local people, obsessing with Donggang food and customs.

大鵬灣電子旅遊套票 橫跨東港、大鵬灣到小琉球


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大鵬灣電子旅遊套票 贊助

Dapeng Bay E-Travel Tour Package covers Donggang, Dapeng Bay, and Little Liuqiu

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